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I think my next project, once my brain sorts itself out, will be a collection of short genre-erotica. The idea’s been teasing at me and I intend to do the same sort of format that I did for the pulp stories. That is, approximately 6k stories with approximately 1.5k word ‘episodes’ in four parts forming the story as a whole. I don’t know if I’ll post the pre-edited versions here as I did before, but I might.

The current plan, subject to change, would be:

  1. The Other Woman – An espionage story about a female agent of particular talent and deadly ability.
  2. Tiger Bone – An adventure story about tourists running afoul of tiger poachers.
  3. The Lady in the Castle – A fantasy story about a spoiled brat of a maid waiting in her tower for her prince to come.
  4. Cold Hands – A horror story or ‘paranormal romance’ in which a woman takes a vampire for her lover but things don’t turn out sparkles and rainbows.
  5. No Refuge – A ‘grande guignol’ mystery in which an adulterous lover is betrayed by his unconscious mind.
  6. Heart of Glass – A detective story in which our detective tries to track down a gang of jewel thieves known for using sex as a weapon.
  7. Have a Heart – A science fiction story about a jealous robot.
  8. Conqueror of the Clouds – A steampunk story of an amazing airship and its unconventional captain.
  9. Iron in the Fire – A western story about an ambitious saloon girl dealing with her competition.
  10. Debt before Dishonour – A fantasy story in which a sell-sword finds himself on the slave blocks of Khem.
  11. The Ambassador – A science fiction story about the obsequiousness of humanity in serving a more advanced race.
  12. The Suitor – A horror story about a very persistent suitor.

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The more I write – and it’s mostly short pieces for the time being – the more I realise I enjoy it and the more I realise that no single genre particularly grabs me and calls me its own. Much as I read SF, Fantasy, Horror, Weird fiction that’s also what I like to write, as well as erotica and comedy pieces and fusions of all these things.

If I’m going to shift my career across more to writing this seems like it might eventually prove to be a problem. People like to shove authors into categories. If I enjoy writing about space and lasers I’ll be judged for writing porn. If I enjoy writing porn I’ll be judged for writing about elves – and so it goes.

The adult stuff I’ve already written may well come back to haunt me but it has been fun to write. I suppose we’ll see but the main thing, at least, is that I don’t give a monkey’s about literary fiction and they’re the most judgemental.

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