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I am waiting on proofs of the print version and after print copies are shipping to backers they will be more broadly available, an update will appear on this site when that happens.

This book exists to record, for posterity, the events of Gamergate from the perspective of someone within Gamergate.

There is a real danger that, what with the media bias against Gamergate, that the other side – the right side – will not get recorded. In the future, anyone looking back is likely to encounter an entirely one-sided version of events from people who have been acting very shadily.

As a participant in Gamergate, that worries me.

As a historian, that worries me.

As someone who cares about truth, fairness and accuracy, that worries me.

Gamergate coverI think I’m uniquely positioned to give an interesting take on what happened. I know the history, I can properly contextualise it within a timeline of other moral panics and responses. I participated in Gamergate. I’ve seen the aftermath of it. I’ve seen how it influenced things and how it fits into the broader culture war that has characterised the twenty-teens. I’ve been targeted by its enemies, who like to portray themselves as good people, and are anything but.

Mostly I want a record from this side, from this point of view. A counter-narrative to the one against Gamergate. Opposition to the stories being told by those who, despite mainly losing the cultural conflict that was Gamergate, are getting to enter their version of events into the record unopposed.


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postmanThe UK government proposing bringing in a ‘Great Firewall’ to block pornographic content – and according to some news reports 18-rated material other than pornography. Ostensibly this is supposed to be about preventing access to child porn, but child porn is not generally traded on the open internet. The government has conflated this genuinely worrying child porn issue with ‘extreme porn’ (consensual or otherwise, including BDSM, rape-play and other pornography) and pornography in general.

Opposition has been worryingly scarce, perhaps because speaking up in favour of erotic material and against ‘protecting the children’ is seen as political suicide.

That means it’s up to us:

You can find your MP’s email here:

Many use forms etc now, rather than direct emails, so it can be a lot of work to contact several people.


There is a parliamentary e-petition here:

Hashtags to show support are:

Below is a form letter that you’re welcome to use

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am sad to see the government supporting a blanket block of adult material online, requiring people to identify – and in effect shame themselves – by opting in to be able to see it. The lack of vocal opposition to this is also deeply worrying. It is the responsibility of a democracy to guarantee the rights of minority interests against mob rule, not to indulge or inflame the mob.

What is even more disturbing, is to see legal, consensual activity and erotic material conflated in the rhetoric with child pornography. This shames people with legal and consensual sexual proclivities and fantasies unnecessarily.

Content like child pornography is not being traded on the public internet but, rather, on the darknet. (File-sharing on closed, private networks or via hidden means). Censoring the public internet will do precisely nothing to tackle the problem and will only harm innocent users.

Problems like this are best tackled by funding and expertise, not by token gestures that directly harm free expression and law abiding, normal citizens of the country.

Please consider opposing this move vocally and publicly.


[Your Name]

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Dear Internet,

Would it fucking kill you to treat me like a grown-up from time to time? You hit sixteen, eighteen and twenty-one and you’re promised that now you’re an adult. You can fuck, drink, smoke, drive and die for your country but apparently in the world of internet media if you like to look at boobs or willies – still or in motion – you’re persona non-grata and you’re ghettoised.

If you write erotica, or porn, let’s not be up ourselves, you have problems getting your stuff listed, sold and paid for. The mainstream payment processors don’t like to be tainted with your ‘filth’, despite the money and try to insist you go through special payment processors because of the ‘risk’.

Want to sell adult material on a big sales or auction site? You’re going to have issues and without big, central clearing houses for this stuff you end up with a diaspora to less well run, less well engineered, less credible and less legit sites which damages business potential and increases – not decreases – the risk of fraud and technical issues.

Then all these social sites are bringing it to a head. Even though you have to opt in to watch/see rude stuff on G+ or Facebook you’re not really given the option. A few places get away with it on G+ but there are some people who seem to live only to flag material as inappropriate, when they could just mute/uncircle/unfollow it.


What’s brought this to a head lately is the treatment of Moan Lisa on G+. Repeatedly banned, suspended, pictures flagged and that’s not even a porno feed but rather an art one. Who cares if there are porn feeds on there anyway and why draw this imaginary, stupid line between art and pornography in the first place?

We’re grown-ups now, we can choose what we want to see and whether that’s Disney characters having a tea party or wall-to-wall Goatse leave it up to us thanks. Google image search doesn’ discriminate so why not let pervs, artists and writters enjoy themselves?

No love,


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Please take a moment to read what I have said about SOPA, PIPA and internet piracy on my company site.

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