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Bloodshot eyes open to a blank room that smells like dentistry and antiseptic. Confused and blurred, vision flickers left and right, head unable to turn, seeing no doors, no way in or out, no light fittings, no fixtures, just a directionless glow of light that banishes all shadows.

Why can’t you move?

You don’t know why.

Is this a dream?

You’re inclined to think so until the man in the surgeon’s outfit and featureless blue mask seems to appear out of nowhere, coalescing almost, out of the light next to you.

“Ah, you’re awake. No, don’t try to talk, you won’t be able to unless I let you.” A light shines into those bleary eyes a moment and that stretched, featureless face is even closer.

“My name is Doctor Klüt. I work for Blue Scream. No, you’ve never heard of us. No, you won’t remember this. I’m going to be ah… interrogating you…” The blue skin stretches in a different way, in something that might be a smile.

“Yes, interrogating you. To ensure that your loyalty is without question, or at least significant question, to ensure that you won’t reveal anything too easily to our enemies and to be sure that you aren’t compromised.”

That ghostly, hidden smile again and then, again as though out of nowhere the Doctor’s hand is replaced with razors and needles.

“This is going to hurt, but you won’t remember and Life After Death has been extended to you free of charge for the duration of this ah… interview. Shall we begin?”





You talk.

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