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Man’s World

we fite cuz there aint no wimmin in the ghet.

all broz.

broz dunt get nuffink.

wimmin get everyfink.

own schools away from broz.

teach em everyfing.

dunt even try to teach broz.

every vid brake all bout periods an empowerment and shit.

all the broz is vilent, stupid, bad.

sex is bad.

fites r bad.

all the shows is bout wimmin.

what can broz do?

got no ends.

got no wordz.

gangs fitin over the few wimmin an the few ends.

cant even drink.

only fing to do for ends is join the pigs or the grunts.

both gets shots to make em safe.

makes em flabby.

gives em bitch tits.

makes their cock stop workin.

fuck that.

so broz stay poor.

broz fite.

broz die.

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