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OK, enough whining. Here’s what I humbly submit as a potential solution to the Paypal censorship crisis. It wouldn’t need too much technical jiggery-pokery on most sites and should – provided Paypal and the card companies are being honest about their motivations and the reasons for the bans. If not, this would at least expose them.

Here’s what you do.

Transgressive lit/erotica is no longer available on your site (let’s say ‘SmushLit’) directly. That is, you can’t log in to SmushLit, click on Daisy Butts and the Werewolf Gangbang¬†and pay directly with Paypal.

Daisy Butts and the Werewolf Gangbang is still available on SmushLit, you just can’t buy it (directly) with Paypal. Here’s what happens instead:

You buy site credit, using Paypal (or whatever). You can spend this site credit on ANY material on SmushLit, including Daisy Butts. Now the SITE is responsible for refunds and adopts the risk. Paypal and the card companies are no longer involved.

Provided your site sells material that is both within and without the Paypal restrictions, this  should, in theory allow everything to carry on pretty much as normal.

Many of these sites should already have the mechanisms in place for site credit, via the means that they pay their authors.

Bosh, sorted.

You’re welcome.

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